What is Walking for Health

What is Walking for Health

Wait! Before you pass up this article with something like, “Yeah, I know, I should exercise. I’ll read this later,” please just read a little of it now. Later has a funny way of turning into never and it’s a sure fact that if you’re currently not exercising, you don’t want to hear why you should start. Nothing right now is going to get you out there huffing and puffing with a smile on your face, right?

What is walking for health? I promise to tell you something right now about exercising that perhaps you are not aware of. I want to share with you a very simple, effective way of exercising that will motivate you to not want to stay the way you are. The relationship between a healthy life and regular walking is irrefutable. All-cause mortality rates of exercisers is one-third less than that of non-exercisers. In addition, some form of regular physical activity, even if it’s a very mild form of activity like walking, is crucial for vibrant health. Here’s why: Exercise helps your lymph system function at an optimal level. Your body depends on you.

Walking Helps Our Lymph System to Work

The cardiovascular system has at its center the heart acting as a pump to keep the flow of blood going. The lymph system has no such pump. Despite this fact, the lymph fluid must constantly be flowing throughout the body, in the same way that the blood must constantly be flowing. Did you know that there is three times more lymph fluid in your body than blood? Exactly, what does the lymph system depend on to move all that fluid around? It’s physical activity – exercise such as walking for better health! The flow of lymph through the body is also helped by the muscles in the walls of lymph vessels and by respiration (breathing in and out). The contribution of exercise to this system cannot be overemphasized. This information should put the value of regular physical activity in a whole new light.

Walking and a Healthy Lifestyle

Most all people whether they exercise or not, have heard about the benefits of walking as part of a healthy lifestyle. One of the largest and most convincing studies was done by a group of highly respected researchers, including exercise expert Dr. Kenneth Cooper, which studied the exercise habits of more than 13,000 men and women for more than eight years. Their physical fitness was measured on a treadmill. The data ultimately showed that an unfit man could reduce his risk of death from all disease by nearly 37 percent and an unfit woman could reduce her risk by about 48 percent.
More studies have proved the life-extending benefits of exercise including walking, but at last count, less than 10 percent of the nation’s adults exercise vigorously at least three times a week. Why? It’s not a communication problem, people are bombarded with information and studies supporting exercise combined with a healthy lifestyle. Non-exercisers know they need to be exercising. What is important is to somehow get these people sufficiently motivated to do at least something.

Do You Want To Live A Vibrantly Healthy Life?

Of course, you do! You don’t have to take up aerobics classes or join a gym. If you are serious about doing everything that you can do to live a healthy vibrant life that is free from the suffering, pain, and anguish that disease can cause, you NOW know what you need to do. You must do everything you can to keep your lymph system operating at its highest possible efficiency by doing some form of regular physical exercise. Exercise is a major contributing factor in this effort. Absolutely! There’s no way around it. Exercise is the key to a vibrantly healthy life. Walking is one of the easiest forms of regular physical exercise, that is enjoyable, mood-lifting and does require any membership fees or special equipment, except maybe a good pair of walking shoes.

Go For A Walk

A brisk walk is simply one of the easiest and best ways to stimulate lymphatic flow. Since walking is a weight-bearing activity on the body, it exerts a gravitational pull on our lymphatic system every time we take a step.

Plan on taking at least a 15-30 minute brisk walk every day. For best results swing your arms and keep them at a 45-degree angle for a power walk. If you are just starting out and you are not up to that level of activity, take a leisurely walk, even this will be helpful to get your lymph system moving.

Did you know that there are some people who choose to walk in a private area or at night so they can’t be observed where they have an opportunity to really power walk, bouncing and arm swinging like a gorilla? They know that their increased activity results in an invigorating session and they report feeling a buzz that happens with such exercise. As you can see the best way to power walk is to include pumping the arms, so they work just as much as the legs. You many even want to try including walking sticks to increase the movement of the arms.

A Mental and Emotional Lift

What is walking for health if we don’t include one of the greatest rewards from a program of regular exercise such as walking. That reward is the mental and emotional lift walking provides that spills over into the other areas of your life.

We all know the importance of exercise in our life. If we don’t do any, we suffer both physiologically and psychologically. Every day, somewhere deep inside, we beat ourselves up for not doing the right thing. Happily, that all changes when you start to walk. Instead of having a negative feeling every time you are reminded that you don’t exercise sufficiently, you feel a surge of pride that you do. Your level of self-esteem grows steadily and a positive message that you are taking good care of yourself filters through you, instead of a negative one.

You start to exude happiness and healthfulness because you are truly happier and healthier. On every possible level, you are improving your health. Money can’t buy this feeling of well-being, its value transcends money. You can have this feeling right now if you make the effort. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to your daily walk as the best part of your day!

Walking and Your Health

It does take more effort to get out of your chair and put on your shoes to head over to the local park or a walking trail. If we really understand what is at stake – we would never miss the opportunity each and every day to take our daily walk. Once we feel the added benefits of the release of healthy endorphins that comes from a power walk, we’ll be addicted to feeling great and truly understand what is walking for health. We will be less tempted to skip it.

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